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Welcome to Timber & Torch! I'm Nikki, the  creator and owner of this special line of notebooks, sketchbooks, and journals. These books are 100% handcrafted, and made in Los Angeles, Ca. by yours truly. I have been a crafter since I was a kid, often spending most of my days drawing, painting, making whatever I could from scrap pieces of whatever I could get my hands on. For many years, I worked for a large creative retailer, and because I have such an obsession with typography, I would create signage for our store, leading into wood burning signage for different products during the holidays. I totally fell in love with wood burning, and would make gifts and cards for my family throughout the years. My son, Ryder, came home, and showed me all of the comics he had made in school, and wanted a comic book of his very own. As I sat and thought about how I would create a comic book for Ryder, I really wanted it to be special, and something that would last forever. I started thinking about what I would use, and how it would look. I decided I would do a wooden notebook, and teach myself to book bind. As I finished this book, I realized that this was what I wanted to do. I wanted to create beautiful books for anyone who is creative, to put their ideas in, and want to keep them forever, and so, Timber & Torch was birthed! I am dedicated to creating quality books from start to finish, and only use the best materials to maintain their integrity. These books have been so special to me, and I truly love creating each one!  I believe in giving back, and being a blessing to organizations that touch my heart, so 10 % of all sales are given to the A21 campaign, in fighting to end Human Trafficking.